Use cases

Our technology is suitable for any indoor venues & multi-story buildings.

Where can I use Navirize

There are end-less use-cases that can you use Navirize for while keeping your visitors from being lost. when they only have a smartphone, and let us guide them with pleasure.



With a large stadiums & number of visitors looking for their seats can be very tricky while we help them locate and navigate to their seat we can also serve them a snack or a drink available on their fingertips


Shopping Mall

Shopping cannot be more easy while the visitor can navigate from door to a shelf within an aisle inside a store located inside a mall, while delivering contextual messages with discounts or push notifications to engage with visitors and make call to action.



Indoor positioning & navigation in Exhibition/Convention centers is a must nowadays, huge events with thousands of Booths you need to guide, navigate, entertain & help the visitor while understanding events in-detail using the power of our analytics and insights  to have a view over the flow and volume of visitors in the venue.



Making life easier for hospital staff, visitors & patients can save lives, medical use cases are endless, you can track staff in the Hospital Doctors, Nurses or  while providing positioning & navigation guidance to visitors or patients to desired department. with all insights and analytics of users behavior.



Many passengers miss their flight while they are busy shopping in Airports isn’t it great to send the passenger a notification that he/she is late and provide navigation guidance to Gate, while our technology can be leveraged to give access to Airport Operations, Security or Airlines to locate the passenger and make them catch their flights along with a detailed understanding & management of the flow & volume of traffic.


Office Buildings

Our technology can be used for many business or office use cases tracking staff or automated attendance,  understanding behavior, contextual push notifications.

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It’s available for all mobile frameworks any where anytime. Just have a mobile device and we will take care of the rest.


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